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Welcome to Wild Business Ltd, a specialist Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service consultancy.

We offer consultancy in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service (BES) strategy, management and auditing, specialising in Biodiversity Offsets and Rewilding. We can help your business maximise its positive environmental impact and benefit from doing so. Please see our services page for more details or give us a call.

Below, please find links to recent updates relevant to our key service areas: BES, Biodiversity Offsets and Rewilding.


Wild Business participate in the ‘WILD 10′ conference in Salamanca, Spain (C Sandom) (07/10/2013)

New review paper presenting the challenges to biodiversity offsetting published (co-authored by J Bull) (15/05/2013)

New book on conservation biology featuring a chapter on rewilding (authored by C Sandom) (13/05/13)

New paper on interactions between mammalian predators and prey at a global scale with regard to species diversity (authored by C Sandom) (13/05/13)

J Bull blogs about biodiversity offsetting for Fauna and Flora International (18/04/2013)

New academic paper on biodiversity offsets released (authored by J Bull) (03/04/13)

Proceedings from a recent rewilding conference (edited by C Sandom) (18/02/13)

Recent article on business and biodiversity (J Bull with Corporate Citizenship) (12/01/13)

Blogging about biodiversity offsets in the UK   (12/12/12)


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