The Wild Business team

Wild Business was co-founded in 2012, by Chris Sandom and Joe W. Bull.  It is the product of 40 years of joint experience working in the environmental sector – as scientists, fieldworkers, and consultants.

We currently employ, in addition, two highly talented researchers (Talitha and Lorena; see below). But Wild Business remains keen to collaborate with those who share our vision of business supporting widespread nature conservation and restoration. This includes bringing in early career researchers and consultants on a project-by-project basis, to train with us while gaining paid technical experience. To date, numerous fantastic collaborators have worked with us in this capacity.


Dr Joseph W. Bull | Director, Co-founder, Technical lead (Biodiversity Offsets, No Net Loss / Net Gain, Natural Capital, Nature Positive)

Joe is an Associate Professor in Climate Change Biology at the University of Oxford, and a Visiting Researcher at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology.

With a background in Physics (BSc) and Environmental Technology (MSc) in addition to his PhD from Imperial College London, Joe draws upon the natural sciences to find practical solutions to technical problems. He has worked all over the world and in a range of remote and challenging field environments, including on projects in Uzbekistan, Nepal, Peru and Malaysia.

For further information, find Joe on Google Scholar, LinkedIn, and his personal website.


Dr Christopher J. Sandom | Director, Co-founder, Technical lead (Ecological Restoration, Rewilding)

Chris is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex.

Chris studied the theory and practice of environmental biology and geography at St Andrews University. At the Alladale site in the Scottish Highlands, he carried out extensive fieldwork for his PhD with WildCRU of the University of Oxford. Following that, Chris produced a series of influential global analyses as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Find more information about Chris on Google Scholar, LinkedIn, and at the Sandom Lab website.

Dr Talitha Bromwich | Lead analyst (Nature Positive, Biodiversity footprinting)

Talitha is a lead analyst at Wild Business, and a Visiting Researcher at the University of Oxford.


Talitha works on nature positive tools to measure biodiversity footprints and plot a path towards worldwide ecological recovery. This involves collaborating with organisations to quantify the environmental impacts and biodiversity losses associated with different activities and identify how these could be mitigated through institutional change.

Talitha has a background in Physics and Bioinformatics, with a DPhil working on high-energy particle collider technologies and a post-doctoral research position in causal methods in human disease genetics. She recently completed an MSc in Global Biodiversity Conservation to focus her skills on working towards a nature positive future. Other interests include rewilding and nature-based solutions through work with Rewilding Britain, and remote sensing technologies for habitat mapping – most recently using LiDAR to map over-road tree canopy connectivity to support pine marten reintroduction projects.

Lorena Vidal | Researcher

Lorena is a biodiversity researcher and data analyst at Wild Business, as well as a Visiting Research at the University of Oxford.


Lorena is interested in using data analysis to uncover the diverse impacts of human activities on biodiversity loss and climate change, and using these insights to support the implementation of efficient nature-positive solutions. To do so, she works with a variety of methodologies including Life-Cycle Impact Assessments and literature reviews. Lorena’s broader interests lie at the intersection of biological and social sciences, and seeking for research to inform transformative and impactful changes for people and nature. She completed an MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge (UK), and a BSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Biology at McGill University (Canada)