Biodiversity Benefits Business…

At Wild Business, we work with forward-thinking organisations that are at any stage on their journey towards understanding and improving their relationship with nature. We have the necessary technical skills and research experience to support you, where necessary, on this journey.

We offer a range of services across three broad categories: (1) Assessment; (2) Strategy; and, (3) Implementation.

1 – Assessment | Evaluation, Projection, Quantification |

  • Risks and opportunities assessment: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital
  • Ecosystem Services as a component of Environmental Impact Assessment: Survey and analysis, Chapter writing and review
  • No Net Loss/Net Gain and Biodiversity Offsets: Assessment of strategy and project design, Audit against standards
  • Economic Valuation (e.g. Cost Benefit Analysis): Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital
  • Audit of wider corporate Biodiversity policies or initiatives against internal/external standards
  • Research into assessment and management of risks and opportunities associated with nature.

2 – Strategy | Design, Guidance, Policy |

  • ‘No Net Loss’ / ‘Net Positive Impact’ / ‘Net Gain’ policy and programme design
  • For Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital: Development of management and operational procedures, Incorporation into Environmental Management Systems, Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Strategy for Natural Capital restoration, through: Ecosystem architecture, Re-wilding initiatives
  • Biodiversity Offsets policy and project design
  • Development of Biodiversity Action Strategies at site level.

3 – Implementation | Communication, Engineering, Problem-solving |

  • No Net Loss/Net Gain and Biodiversity Offsets: Assessment of specific offset requirements, Design of appropriate restoration initiatives, Monitoring & evaluation
  • Implementation of Natural Capital restoration initiatives
  • Mapping (GIS) services for landscape planning: Biodiversity and biodiversity offsets, Ecosystem Service provision, Re-wilding opportunities
  • Development of Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Corporate Responsibility: Including nature in performance reports, Assurance of CSR reports
  • Supply Chain Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement


To request more detail on the services provided by Wild Business Ltd, please contact us via the Contact page.