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Where members of Wild Business and selected associates can occasionally contribute short articles; on hot topics and recent developments in the world of business, biodiversity and rewilding.


As the world watches COP26 unfold in Glasgow, Wild Business is focussed on nature-based solutions to climate change. Read a discussion between Director Joe Bull and Harry Thomas of asset manager TT International (reproduced here from original at TT International).

COP15 and COP26: what could these pivotal events mean for the planet and investors? 28/10/2021

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In February 2018 we released a sequence of academic papers, including one on the application of the mitigation hierarchy and ‘no net loss’ to bycatch of marine mega-fauna. The following blog was written by Wild Business Director Joe W. Bull outlining the concept.

Take the fish from the sea, leave the birds in the heavens 27/02/2018



Our December 2017 blog below was written by Wild Business Director Joe W. Bull along with two colleagues at the University of Oxford (Dr Diogo Verissimo, and Prof. E.J. Milner-Gulland). The blog explores why the authors didn’t sign the recent ‘Warning to Humanity” from Ripple et al., along with over 15,000 other scientists.

When a ripple becomes a flood 18/12/2017



The following blog was contributed by Nafeesa Esmail with support from Wild Business Director Joe W. Bull, and discusses biodiversity offsets in the ‘opaque world of large international development projects’.

Following the money into the opaque world of large international development projects 09/06/2017

Nafeesa Esmail, Joe W. Bull

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