Welcome to Wild Business Ltd, a specialist Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service consultancy.

We believe in the need for more nature in the world, and that creating more nature can be good for business.

We want to use our scientific and consulting expertise to help businesses create wilderness, and for them to benefit from doing so.

We offer consultancy in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service (BES) strategy, management and auditing, specialising in Biodiversity Offsets and Rewilding. We can help your business maximise its positive environmental impact and benefit from doing so. Please see our services page for more details – or give us a call.

Below, please find links to recent updates relevant to our key service areas: BES, Biodiversity Offsets and Rewilding.



New publication on the unresolved controversies in biodiversity offsetting (co-authored by J Bull) (13/04/2016)

Wild Business’ report into a biodiversity offset project in Western Canada now in public domain (by J Bull and C Sandom) (Appendices available upon request) (28/03/2016)

Wolves back in the news…article references work completed by Wild Business members (led by C Sandom) (02/01/2016)

A set of new papers all co-authored or authored by members of Wild Business published in the last 4 months (23/12/2015)

The many ways in which biodiversity offsets can be flexible – new paper out now (authored by J Bull) (05/09/2015)

How do you evaluate the physical and social context for conservation interventions? A new paper attempts to do so (authored by J Bull) (08/2015)

Today – the website launch for our colleagues and friends at Rewilding Britain (14/07/2015)

Book chapter promoting rewilding as a “radical” future for the UK countryside, now online (authored by C Sandom) (14/07/2015)

Publication exploring the danger for biodiversity offset policies to use the wrong baselines, in Australia (co-authored by J Bull) (25/06/2015)

Wild Business publish report on challenges to implementing corporate biodiversity strategies (authored by J Bull and C Bryant) (10/03/2015)

New paper published on the potential for perverse incentives to enter biodiversity offset policies (co-authored by J Bull) (02/02/2015)

Wild Business deliver a BBOP webinar on conserving ‘moving targets’, such as migratory species, using biodiversity offsets. Recording available here (J Bull) (04/12/2014)

Forthcoming publication, now in press, showing what happens if you apply different international biodiversity offset methods to the same country (authored by J Bull) (22/07/2014)

Publication on whether humans or climate caused historical mass extinction of megafauna (authored by C Sandom) (30/05/2014)

New paper on the importance of large herbivores for creating habitat diversity (authored by C Sandom) (03/03/2014)

Excellent article on rewilding in New Scientist, which quotes J. Bull and references Wild Business Ltd (28/02/2014)

New paper on the importance of the choice of baseline for successful nature conservation projects (28/02/2014)

Proceedings from the Rewilding Europe symposium at ‘Wild10′ now available (edited by C. Sandom) (25/02/2014)

New paper on measuring the impacts of natural gas extraction for biodiversity offsets (co-authored by J Bull) (15/12/2013)

J Bull blogs about biodiversity conservation on private lands (02/12/2013)

Wild Business participate in the ‘WILD 10′ conference in Salamanca, Spain (C Sandom) (07/10/2013)

New review paper presenting the challenges to biodiversity offsetting published (co-authored by J Bull) (15/05/2013)

New book on conservation biology featuring a chapter on rewilding (authored by C Sandom) (13/05/13)

New paper on interactions between mammalian predators and prey at a global scale with regard to species diversity (authored by C Sandom) (13/05/13)

J Bull blogs about biodiversity offsetting for Fauna and Flora International (18/04/2013)

New academic paper on biodiversity offsets released (authored by J Bull) (03/04/13)

Proceedings from a recent rewilding conference (edited by C Sandom) (18/02/13)

Recent article on business and biodiversity (J Bull with Corporate Citizenship) (12/01/13)

Blogging about biodiversity offsets in the UK   (12/12/12)


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